The Mist

Installation, Node.js,, Paper.js, Kinect

The Mist is a space where all the incoming signals from your social networks are gathered. In here, you will not be forced upon all the bleeping, bouncing, tweeting and poking coming from your digital devices.

Login and take control over how your notifications, streams, feeds and messages come to you. What is normally a source of a constant distraction now becomes a distant noise awaiting your command. Either keep at a safe distance or immerse yourself in a disorientating experience by passing through your personal mist.

Design i.c.w. Jacob Hoving.


Hi! I am Ingo Valente, a designer currently working and living in Amsterdam.

My work combines a clear concept with an eye for detail, resulting in various output media, be it print, interactive or physical installations. I do commissioned work aswell as self-initiated projects.


For collaborations of any kind, freelance projects, or just to say hi, feel free to contact me.

Send me an email: [email protected]
Or give me a call at: +31 644 023 745


Selected Exhibitions and Events